Saturday, March 10, 2007

Long day

Well - today was a fun but long day. Nancy and I went down to Portland, OR for the CKC. We got going uber early and made it down there in good time. What a great drive - we were both chatty (remarkable for so early) so the time just flew!

I had a great class to start the morning with Ali Edwards. THe class time given was nice and long - so there wasn't a huge rush and I didn't go home with a half-finished project that I don't care about. So - yay! a completed mini-album and I won a door prize. Bonus! It was overall a pretty good class - it was good as always to HEAR her philosophy, and it's really cool to see someone focused on scrapping the normal life events. Good stuff.

We went and had lunch with one of Nancy's friends and her amazingly creative daughter at a very cool Portland breakfast diner / cafe. Super yummy omelette - fluffy and eggy - just like my mom makes - and good company. Fun, fun. The girl was just whipping out drawings left and right - and they were good!!! Holy cow.

The afternoon class was ok. Nothing special....rushed, rushed - made people feel like they're idiots. I don't know if I'll take a class from them again. We were both pretty tired, so we walked around the Vendor Fair, spent a little money and headed home. Stopped at a Burgerville, which is a NW chain of burger joints. Nancy had raved about the chocolate hazlenut milk shake and oh my god - it was amazing. Mmmmmmmmmmmm. So good!

Overall, a good day. Poor Joe spent about 12 hours at the mill today working on his project. And he needs to go in tomorrow as well... My hard working sweetie.....

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