Saturday, March 17, 2007

Lucky Girl

Cover page....

Number One lucky thing...

Sabot and Yanks

My sweetie and I in college.

I totally should have talked a little more about this...ok - so I saw this challenge / mini-book posted at shimelle's website and it took me to the fiskateers (crafting ambassadors - yay!) and it was to do a mini-book of 17 things that I'm lucky to this is my version of that. It isn't great or fancy - didn't spend gobs of time on it. But - I'm pleased with the final version.
Hate how picasa will only let me upload 4 pics at a time to blogger. Ah, well...
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  1. Here's a trick for getting more pictures into one post: upload all the pictures you want, four at a time; don't worry about writing or titles, etc.

    Next, open each one of your posts in a new window in "edit mode" and view them in HTML edit mode. So, for example, if you had loaded 20 pictures you would have 5 windows open each with four pictures.

    Copy and paste the HTML Script from each of the successive pages into the first page, being careful to keep the syntax unbroken. Once you have all the code there you can go over to the standard edit mode and clean up the format a bit, get rid of the Picasa symbol, and add your text per usual.

    Once you're done with the editing, publish this post and then go and delete the posts that you took the pictures from.

    It is a bit of a hassle and not always worth the extra effort, but if you absolutely have to have more than four pictures in one post, this has worked well for me. I used this technique in our Back from Japan post. I put about 14 photos in one post from Picasa.

    As far as I know, there is no limit to how many photos you could have in one post using this method. Hope that helps!

  2. Very cool Book - Love your take of Shimelle's class!!!