Saturday, April 28, 2007

Childhood Magic

So - after the very long week I had, I felt I needed to head to a happy place. I figured that the happiest place on earth would have to do.

Did you ever have a moment as a child that has been so clear and vivid that it's stayed with you for your life? And you think that the memory must be the way it is because of the innocence and lack of experience of your youth? That was my memory of space mountain at Disneyland. I hadn't been on the normal version since the early to mid 80s and my memory is that it was pitch black - that you could not see at all where the track was headed. I had been to WDW several times since then and you can clearly see the track in their version - so I figured that I remembered incorrectly. I went on space mountain in January, but it was the Rock and Roll version so there were lights and everything. That was great, but again I thought that it must have been a faulty memory.

Until today. I swear, I was grinning and laughing the whole ride in the pitch black. It was fabulous. That's what disney does so well - they give you those memories and moments to stay with you for life.

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