Friday, April 13, 2007

Day by day

I'm getting a little closer to packing for San Diego. Seems like whenever I do one of these big trips, I have a process - as scattered as it might seem. I box up stuff first and then take it to UPS or the PO to mail. I'm being hopeful with the amount of a) scrapbook / card stuff b) books c) spices and seasonings that I packed and shipped. I really want to work on using up a lot of my older self-addressed kits. They need to be made into IS coming up, isn't it? Ok, so after I do the boxes and long term stuff, clothing and shoes start to get thrown into piles on top of suitcases. Intermixed with all of that are the miscellaneous items that I remember as I walk through the house (camera battery charger, grocery bag, padlock, travel towel for sea trials). This process will probably continue until Sunday afternoon. At which point I will weed through all the clothes and shoes to get a more realistic perspective on what I expect to wear. Then comes the real packing. And the weighing and redistributing of stuff. Thank goodness for authorized excess baggage if I go over.

Side note - I've gone over the free weight exactly ONCE in my life. I'm a good packer and manage to get within 1 pound regularly for big trips. This ONE time I was leaving Blairstown for Chicago a little earlier than Joe (this was totally unplanned and it was a last minute shift). I opted to PACK a cordless drill that was a Christmas present for my dad - along with the other presents that I was taking to them. So, I went over. And have since been accused of being a bad, careless packer - which irritates me to no end.

Oh, so San Diego. Yeah - I'm ready. I'm tired of planning. I want to finally get this project going. I'm anxious and excited. Lots of pressure, but the time will go so fast and it'll be over before I blink. It's a long time away from Joe and the house, but it'll be good. I'm hoping (crossing my fingers and toes) that the man room might actually get done and that the deck might get replaced as well. I'll have to keep on hoping!

I am already starting to think about what I want to get done around here when I get back. I think that the half bath downstairs is the next to get painted and re-done. I'm not sure what I want to do in there, but the ducks are on their way out. I am in lurve with what Posie gets Cozy did with the embroidery hoops. I think this is such a wonderful idea - I think that the green room definitely needs something like this!

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