Saturday, April 21, 2007

More Saturday fun!

It's not even noon yet and I feel an overwhelming desire to blog again! I've already had what some time term a "fun morning". After my last post, I realized that I really didn't want to sit around here any longer so I went for a walk down to the back gate. There were plumeria trees on the walk and I flashed back to Hawaii. Little known fact about me - I suck at dancing. There - I said it. However, while in Hawaii, I took hula lessons for about 2 months and had a blast. I probably was awful at that as well, but I loved it. And the hula halau that I was with was performing at a school Christmas festival. Though I wasn't performing, I helped one of my friends pick plumeria flowers from the trees outside their townhouse so they'd have fresh flowers in their hair. Every time I see plumeria, I smile.

Back to San Diego. Got back from my walk, remembered where I stored 454 pictures (the "big stick" - the 1 Gig thumb drive - duh), so uploaded all 454 pics to scrapbook pictures in less than 3 hours. That would have taken me months on dial up. So - I started that going and then headed out to my introductory session at Dream Dinners. I had heard about these franchises from my mom, so thought this would be a great thing to try while I"m here. I love cooking, but hate being away from home because all my spices, tools, etc are not with me. And I really don't want to invest in a whole 'nother set of stuff. That'd be foolish.

I drove out to Chula Vista and was done preparing my 3 yummy sounding 6-serving meals in about 1/2 hour (and for $50, that around $3 a serving)! I'm so doing that again. They come with any sides like rice or tortillas and it'll be really nice to have home cooked non-frozen meals. Healthy Choice and Lean Cuisine are good and they might be a little cheaper, but they get old.

I really hope that my mom and dad are able to visit me while I'm out here. I don't think they've been to San Diego in almost 25 years, and they'll be shocked to see how it's changed. Heck - I'm amazed at how it's changed and I've only been coming here for 8 years!

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