Saturday, April 21, 2007

Saturday Morning

Well -I just couldn't sleep anymore and it's 6am (or so). Pretty sad - my first weekend without the dog to wake me up and without needing to go into work and I wake up at 6. Oh well. I couldn't breathe anyway. Yeah - I'm still sick and it's really moving into my lungs now. joy.

The rest of my week was relatively uneventful - the ship showed up (yay!) so that always brings issues. There were one or two that had us shaking our heads and going "huh?!" Oh - and I got a tour set up for Joe so he can *finally* get on a carrier when he comes here. See hon - not only am I good at planning our joint vacations (and planning for europe is underway!), but I'm also good at planning your time during your week here. First golf and next a ship tour - what's next, hmmm?!

I've put a total of less than 100 miles on my rental car this week. That includes a trip to Mission Valley from the island on Monday. I normally put 100 miles on my car in 1.5 days! So- I'm loving my commute. I also love where I'm at. I can get home after work, head outside and go walk along the boardwalk. From my building to the back gate is about 1.5 miles which makes for a really nice walk.

It just poured here yesterday. Which resulted in streets flooding. Fun. I had checked out the weather the day before so I brought my handy rain jacket to work. Needless to say, there were some drenched people since they weren't expecting rain.

A few pics from my apartment...

Not too bad of a view, eh?
A few more things - though I am missing the DVR like MAD - I have one comfort in that I have the Dish top 150 - which includes the hockey channel! Hee! And my high speed net. I forgot how wonderful this was. I just loaded my pics into blogger in about 2 minutes vice the normal 30. And - I've been checking out google reader for keeping up with the blogs that I read. Like when I got up this am, I saw that jason had a new post over on his blog, so instead of having to go individually to the 20 or so blogs that I read daily, this monitors them and then shows the new posts. How cool is that! I love google.

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  1. Hey, that Google thing is cool, thanks for the heads up.

    Oh, and if you and Joe enjoy to BBQ, might I suggest that you head over to IOWA meat farms on Mission Gorge Rd, which you can get to from either the 8 or from Friar's Road. Their steaks are the BEST!