Thursday, April 19, 2007

Weird dreams

I've been having some bizarre dreams this week. I don't know if it's the new location, the california crud starting to take over my head or what. Two night ago, Joe and I were mountain biking into a forest and we had to descend down a steep hill (cliff) of pillows! I remember it being very light and we were outside a forest and then we had to go into a door to go into the forest / cave. And then last night, we were navigating Washington DC in the winter and trying to catch a train to Paris. And there was sightseeing involved in a large building - like the white house. Weird, weird, weird.

So, yeah - I'm coming down with the crud. I don't want to run the air in my apartment, so I have the windows open all the time. I'm so stuffed up and my sinuses are so congested in the AM that it's really uncomfortable. I even am trying tea to get the stuffiness away.

Work is picking up! yay! I love business. The days just fly by. We're finally getting to that point where we'll be able to do stuff soon...

Pictures of my lovely view soon!

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  1. So.... that would make it California Dreamin? Of course, it's not winter's day... more like spring, I expect.

    Hope you feel better! :j