Friday, April 06, 2007

What a day!

Holy smokes - it's amazingly wonderful outside! Google weather says 73 in Shelton...needless to say, I'm taking the pup for a swim over at the quarry.

Today was a dud at work. Most of the project team is headed south, so all the fires I would normally put out weren't even lit. Sweet.

Did I mention that my new love is Russell and Hazel office supplies? The stuff is just amazing - quality, design, etc. They're a little pricey - but my gosh! Plus - this month they're offering a free field book with any purchase. How can you NOT love a book that comes with trig equations on the back cover? Come on!

I need to start packing this weekend and get some boxes shipped to myself. I have an entire box of self-addressed card kits that I WILL use up while I'm down there.

I'm taking the laptop so that I have a computer. But - there have been some killer Dell deals lately...and I'm still toying with the idea of getting in iBook or some kind of Apple computer. In other words, I'll bring the laptop down to SD, surf the net, dream about a new computer and do nothing. At least I'm realistic.

Did I mention that it's amazing outside? What am I doing here?!?

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