Saturday, April 14, 2007

Working on packing

I'm making pretty good progress today. I need to stuff the suitcases and see if I'm over.

Joe and I decided to head up to Tacoma last night to have an oh so yummy dinner at the Melting Pot. We only go there every couple of years (and are, actually, good about not eating out. I think we might eat dinner out 1 time every 2 months) and decided it was a good night to go. Ate like crazy and had a good time, as always. We remembered out first introduction to the Melting Pot was at Bite of Seattle a number of years ago. We think that we tried some chocolate fondue and just loved it. The Tacoma restaurant wasn't open yet, so our first experience of the full dinner was up at the Seattle one. All we remember was being stuffed and it being really loud and noisy in there. But - the Tacoma one has been better. We both actually make a pretty mean fondue at home, but it's a treat to go out and not have to do all the prep work.

Today was just an errands day. Joe wanted to go to Home Depot, I needed a prescription from Costco and we both wanted lunch at Fish in Oly. So - it was all good.

Can't believe that Jason is heading off for a multi-year adventure to work in Japan! Sounds like a blast!

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