Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Time keep on ticking...

Holy smokes! It's been a while since I've blogged. Life is just trucking along down here in San Diego. The past couple of weeks have just flown by. My days are filled with phone calls, emails (I counted receiving over 100 one day - most of which needed some action on my part) and meetings. The joy of my existence is now meetings. Blech.

I'm working with great people right now. All the folks who traveled down here from the tech codes are just awesome. Hard working, thorough and just completely professional. It's good stuff.

I really can't believe how quickly everything is going.

Last week was a great week - I got out and did something I hadn't done in a couple of years - played volleyball. Gosh - what a joy it is to get out there and play. There's a really fun group of people from work who get together weekly to play - so hopefully I"ll be able to make it out of work early enough on Tuesdays to play.

This weekend then, was really great. I went on a bike ride on Saturday around the island. I just love living here. It's so quiet (except that I'm in the flight path sometimes) and feels so comfortable. Sunday, then, I did something so cool - I took a painting class from one of the Golden Paints artists. It was focused on creating patterned paper - and it was a release. I had never really painted free form before. When I was in high school I took an art class but it was very structured and still-life oriented. This was cool - playing with textures (via glaze), shaped and colors...just - a blast.

So, it's good times here. I'm missing Joe...but I just keep thinking of how much easier this is thank Iraq. We can email, talk and I know he's not in danger. I love him so much...

I miss the critters too. I'm still not sleeping in and I can't even blame the dog or cat. Talk about wrong!

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