Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Catching up

It feels like it's been a lot longer than it really has since I've last blogged.

Have I mentioned how much I love and Tastespotting is simply food porn. And it's so fun. Etsy is crafter paradise - but the crafts are good and the artists are independent.

Did I mention that I took a phenominal class from Tim Holtz a weekend or so ago? It was just killer. I look at the book sitting on the TV stand and am awed that it turned out so cool.

Work has been zooming along. It's just amazing how quickly time passes while in execution. I've been working on an application for a Public Management Certificate from IUPUI. Hopefully I'll get into the program and it'll work out. I miss school and studying. After the fact, I loved studying for my PE exam.

Did I mention that work is zooming?

Got into a bike accident last weekend and got pretty scraped up. I'm happy that it wasn't worse. The bike was fine! Yay!

Saw Oceans was much better than the 2nd one. I'm really, really looking forward to the new Harry Potter movie!

I'm headed home in a couple of weekends! Hooray!

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