Sunday, July 01, 2007

The weeks are ticking by

The weeks seems to follow a rhythm. Monday and Tuesday are usually crazy. Everyone is running around, trying to get stuff planned for the week. Meetings galore about budgets, overtime and miscellaneous random meetings. By the time Wednesday comes, everyone has the weekend in sight. What's being worked, do you have it off, who's going home for the weekend. Thursday settles down and just kind of goes by. Friday is (usually, cross my fingers and knock on wook) pretty calm. Weekend work has been planned, the office has usually caught up on paperwork and documentation. It's good. It's not as overwhelming as it was at the start of the project.

It's funny, now that we're well on our way to the 50% point, seems like we're all looking to what will be our next job. Those of us who love projects are trying to figure out what to'll all work out, no doubt.

Was a good weekend. Went out with some friends to REI yesterday and stocked up on B's (aka Chuckit's Flying Squirrel) because they had them on sale for 30% off. That should last Sabot for about a year. Also went to Extraordinary desserts...yum yum. I tell ya, these cakes are killer. Yesterday afternoon, the group of us living in Coronado Shores had a BBQ. It was one of the guys ideas and it was a great get together. Everyone brought something to share, so in reality, no one needed to bring meat to bbq. Learned a great trick for grilled corn on the cob to give it a different flavor - shuck it, put it in some foil with butter and...salsa verde! I tell ya what, it gave the corn a great kick and interesting flavor. Loved it!

Today was pretty low key. I had considered heading up to Disney, but ixnay'd that once I realized that I didn't feel like making the drive. So, ran errands (a jug for iced tea!, nordstrom rack sale!) and then went for a fantastic bike ride. It was my longest yet (over 14 miles) and the winds were perfect. I was able to keep a good pace. This afternoon, I need to work on an application for a work management certificate program and will probably read some more. Right now, I'm hunting for a book I had read about, but forgot to write down the title on. So I'm scrolling through and their new literature. Sigh.

Oh, so cool news - Joe booked our first cruise! Yay! We'll be heading to the Western Caribbean on the Carnival Valor in December. We have airplane tix bought and everything. I've started scoping out some of the cruise review sites so we can book our own excursions.

Plus, we just bought the tix to head to my home for Christmas! It'll be a short trip because Joe wants to save vacation for next year's Europe trip, but it'll be a good time.

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