Sunday, August 19, 2007

Anniversary, Solala Beach and the Mouse House

Well, it's been 7 years. Seems like we've been apart for more anniversaries than we've been together for.

So, this is the album that I made for Joe for our anniversary. It's a kit from the fabulous Karen Russell and it's an album of favorite pictures from London / Ireland.

I celebrated today by going to the Mouse House. I didn't know I was visiting on goth day, but that just added to the various people who love Mickey and Friends. I had 2 treats today - the first was that I got about 455k at the buzz lightyear game! Woohoo! I beat Joe! The second cool thing is that I got "dreamed" - I got a cool set of mouse ears.

So, I went to Solana Beach last week with someone who I met through work (the wife of one of my coworkers). And we had a great time wandering around, checking all the cool stores out and just relaxing. Some sights below.

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