Sunday, September 16, 2007

Long week

It was both a really long week and a really short week. The long part? Seems like nothing is easy. I didn't know how much "personality" management time this job would take. Everyone has an ego and no one likes to be told that they didn't help when they needed to. Sigh. But - it was such a busy week that it just flew by.

Last weekend I headed home to see Joe's welcome home warrior award ceremony. Needless to say, no one puts on a dog and pony show like the army! The email told Joe to be there at 8am. We were a little late (due to poor street signs at Fort Lawton) and when Joe finally went in the auditorium, he was told to come back at 9-ish for the rehearsal. Since when does the army do "ish"? So, the entire ceremony took 15 minutes. And, I was interviewed by a reporter. He asked "so, did you have to get up earlier to do the dishes, laundry, clean?" I wanted to strangle him. Joe laughed the whole time because he knew that if my name was in a newspaper, someone at work would find it and I would end up bringing in donuts. Sigh. They did try to get Joe to sign up again. I think that the full bird said "it's reversible (the resignation. like some surgeries" Nice. very nice indeed. Needless to say, Joe and I had firm "no"s for him.

We had a wonderful lunch with Dave and Bernie at McCormick and Schmidt's on Lake Union. Lovely weather indeed!

But, it was a quick trip home....and then I was back here.

Non-work highlights of this week....Friday I went up to Irvine for a SB class. I was somewhat disappointed. 3 layouts complete, but no real techniques or design principles. The best part was that I got to go to Sprinkles again. Yum yum.

I worked all weekend. I was pretty wiped out yesterday because I was up late on Friday, but today didn't go badly at all! Yay!

I suspect it'll be another hectic week.

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