Monday, September 03, 2007

A miracle occurred...

Yes. that's right. A true miracle. What was this miraculous event you ask? I made it to Santa Monica and back with NO (ZERO, ZIP, NADA) traffic. Not a single slow spot. Why is this so amazing? In the number of times that I've headed up to Disney, Irvine or Santa Monica, or even Carlsbad - there has ALWAYS been traffic. I was stunned at how quickly the trips were. Yay!

So, yeah, went to Santa Monica today and walked around. It was fun - I wandered down the Third Street Promenade, enjoying the street performers, remembering meals past when I walked by the used-to-be-Thai-but-is-now-Chinese place where Mike S and I had lunch and saw Frau Farbisnia (??) from Austin Powers. Border Grill was good - they had excellent chips and salsa, good tamales and tortilla soup. But the service was slow! I think that they had one person serving the whole lunch crowd. I did not partake in a margarita since I realized that I would be driving soon. I wandered from there over to the pier and saw the expanse of people all along the beach. I took one look and thought "I'm good right here".

Today was also a day when I remembered why I don't like the heat and much prefer the cold. You can prepare for the cold, you can dress for it. Yes, it's a pain to bundle up. But I never hesitated to do anything in DC in the cold. But, ugh, the heat. I get hot and sticky...I wear out more quickly than normal. Bleh. Give me the northwest any day! For the record, it has been warm for San Diego. I think it's been in the 90s inland and mid-80s on the coast.

Hasn't stopped me from bike riding though. I really pushed it today and feel great. My legs have that awesome soreness that says "you need to do this more often!". Hmph.

My next session of belly dancing starts tomorrow! Hooray!

Oh, today I also swung by newport beach (can you say expensive!!) and went to Sprinkles - this famous cupcake shop. This is my birthday treat to myself. I had one there (red velvet) and got these 4 to go - red velvet (red dot with blue center), vanilla milk chocolate (the chocolate sprinkles on top), coconut and then their special labor day flavor: almond dark chocolate. Yum yum.

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