Sunday, September 02, 2007

September already?

I blinked and September is upon me.

I went home last weekend - it was a good, quick trip. Joe and I had a nice time. We did a little yardwork, saw the Bourne movie (it was better than the book - not saying much because I hated the book), ran errands (restocked the fridge for Joe). Had a funny trip home from the airport due to a mouse living in the Escape. More on that in another post.

This week flew by. Work is really picking up now. I'm regularly working about 10.5-11 hours. Oh well - it needs to get done.

So, I had to work yesterday. I planned on heading to Disney this weekend but saw that it's the half-marathon and fun run weekend, so no thanks!

Instead, I'll be going to Santa Monica / Newport Beach tomorrow. Funny - the first time I went to Santa Monica, it was with my friend Mike (when he was at Caltech) and it was right around my b-day also. I'll have a margarita at the border grill (by the two hot tamales - I learned how to properly cut an onion from them!) in celebration.

Heading to Hillcrest farmers market today and will probably go to Carlsbad to check out the Sur la Table here.


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