Monday, October 22, 2007

Feeling good

It feels so good to have the normal craziness back. The testing insanity is done. No matter how many times I"ve been through it, it's always a rough couple of weeks. It pales in comparison to my normal week - so I'm thrilled to be able to breath again. It's not even like there's that much more going on than normal - but it's the frantic-ness of it all that you get wrapped up in. My post last week was written on the day I was most worn out - and it seriously got better from there. I got a good night's sleep, I gained a nicer perspective (I found my sense of humor again) and it was all good. Amazingly enough, there is a light at the end of the tunnel now. How wonderful it is too.

Working with people is always one of the hardest things. Especially people that I'm in charge of. Seems that each day presents new challenges.

Maybe Joe and I are just accustomed to having our life the way we do - each of us goes and does our thing. Our lives continue - we make the best out of what we have at the time. We don't view it as "missing out" on stuff - I really do see it as a chance to just enjoy the situation. Funny how people react to different situations.

I'm hoping to stick with the Reagan for a while. She has such a great crew and the ship is a treat to work with. Sadly, that's a rarity a lot of times.

I'm reading "The Nine" right now about how the Supreme Court evolved in recent years. I'm not a big junkie of memoirs from justices or other insight into the inner workings, but this is just fascinating. A definite must-read if you're interested in politics and the judicial system.

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