Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Oh so tired

I'm pooped. I'm very very tired. I've been working for days - the stress, the contstant bombarding me with questions, the need to always be "on" - I just need time to rest and sleep past 4am.

Stayed at work for a long, long time today. I don't think I had a single conversation that wasn't interrupted with another.

Off to bed as soon as I finish my wine!

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  1. Bill's wife, Deb3:12 PM

    I was deleting out some of the favorites that had been saved for years now on our list...and came across your blog, which of course did not delete!!

    I know you, Bill and the gang have been working non-stop these past few weeks. My conversations with Bill are pretty short since he is so dead tired. He's SO anxious to get home, as are the rest of you. I hear you guys are delayed...I am assuming that means you, too. bummer.....

    Well, quick question....did your new cute purse come in and was it as cute as it looked on the website. I found another site called pinklemonade.bag that had some cute ones, too. I think your site is still better.

    Also, are you getting geared up for your upcoming trip/cruise? I imagine you can't wait, especially after all the recent hard work. Well, I will sign off, but do know that I hope everything falls into place soon with the overhaul and you guys are HOME SOON. Deb
    P.s. Be sure and eat one last divine dessert for me before you leave!!!!