Sunday, November 04, 2007

Last Pics from SD

I went up to Disneyland one more time as an Annual Passholder. I wanted to finally get the chance to go on Nemo and do the rides I love again. It was a great day. I made excellent time on the drive and got up to Anaheim in plenty of time for park opening. I did the Nemo Mini-Marathon speed walk over to the entrance and only had to wait about 15 minutes! Not bad at all. It was definitely a cute ride and I love how they simulated the diving. Not that I've ever been to sea on a real sub, but it was cute. By the time I got out of there, it was about 8:45 so I headed to Space Mountain. Managed to get the front row again. And it still makes me smile and laugh as I ride though it. I've heard that the Imagineers might put the "Rock 'n Roll" overlay on again next January. Hmmm....maybe a side trip when I come back down here for the hotwash?!

I went on some of the other awesome rides - Holiday Haunted Mansion, Indiana Jones, Buzz Lightyear to name a few. The crowds were pretty thin while I was there.

Got out of Disneyland pretty early due to the crowds and headed up to Venice, CA. I wanted to go to two art studios / shops: Firefly and 10 Woman Gallery - a couple of artists whose blogs I read had displays at those galleries so I figured it was worth a trip to check out a cool CA area I hadn't been before. I didn't actually go to Venice Beach. I pretty much stayed on Abbot-Kinney Blvd - but, holy smokes - it was amazing. Store after store of cool art. I loved the vibe of the area - much more "San Diego" than L.A. Totally laid back, kinda hippie-ish. I definitely want to take the time to explore that area better in a future trip.
I saw a Pinkberry while I was there, but as good as it sounded, I had just had an excellent panini from Stroh's and I knew that cupcakes from Sprinkles were in my future. The second picture here just stood out at me - a locked gate leading up some stairs - but you could get to the stairs from the side. Loved it. Also saw a smart car shop - I swear, that think looks no bigger than a golf cart.

Went to Sprinkles in Newport Beach on my way back down to SD. I had one there (a yummy cinnamon sugar one) and got pumpkin, dark chocolate and black / white to go. Mmmmm. Pumpkin was amazing!

Also stopped at Scrapbook Oasis - my ultimate fave store. It was kinda funny - so, I read all these scrapping blogs. I read one woman's who I have bought kits from (via etsy) and she just had a cute new banner kit posted. Well, there was a woman at the cash register with these little triangles for banners and I though "that looks just like Candice Carpenter's banners she posted on etsy" - so, when this woman went to grab more stuff, I remarked the same thing to the woman working the register. She goes "well, that IS Candice". Duh. I guess that's what happens when you read blogs via a feed and don't see the person at all in the pics.

This last pic is from a sunset at the beach in front of my condo earlier this week. I'm sure
going to miss this.

Last thing - I'm an idiot. I managed to give myself a black eye. I was taking stuff down to
the car so I could head to goodwill this AM and pulled open one of the rear doors. Well,
I pulled too hard as the door slammed into my face as I was reaching for one of the bags.


There won't be any pics of that. Luckily, I can hide behind sunglasses down here.

Off to Stone Brewing today! Woohoo!
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