Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year, Happy Festivus, Merry Christmas

Did I get everything?

Whew - what a couple of weeks. There was a slight lull after the cruise, but then we were back at Sea Tac airport to go to Chicago for Christmas. Ok - speaking of SeaTac - Joe and I have both done a pretty fair amount of travel and have had our share of good and bad experiences in airports. SeaTac is probably our favorite airport. It's thoughtfully designed to have everything past security accessible for anyone, there is an excellent selection of places to eat past security and it's generally just a nice airport. We try to fly Alaska Airlines as much as possible because they are typically not as crowded as other airlines - or, if they are, you're treated better (IMHO).

Where was I? Christmas in Chi Town. Well, as soon as we stepped outside, we remembered just how cold the Chicago winters were. Brrr. But, my parents toughed it out with the weather and picked us up at ORD. Plus, we had an awesome treat that night and went out for Giordano's pizza. yum yum. It's definitely my favorite of the Chicago style stuffed pizzas.

Christmas was lovely. Joe and I had a chance to relax and hang out in Gilberts, meet Rinn (their new-for-us wheaten terrier), teach Progressive to a whole new set of people and just enjoy being in Chicago. We had the oh-so-excellent Christmas dinner at Rosie and Bruce's. All in all, it was a lovely time.

We arrived back home on the 26th to a few inches on the ground. Little did we know that we were in store for more the next day. We've had so much snow this year - and it's so early! On Dec 27th we probably had another 6 or 8 inches on top of what was already there. Sabot was in heaven. However, it still hasn't melted and by now - with the various rains, snows and sleets that we have had since then - there's a lovely 4" thick layer of slush with a top layer of ice. Poor Sabot really hasn't had much time outside since the 28th or so as we're worried about him getting hurt...

On Saturday night, we went to Bremerton and had a lovely dinner with friends of mine from work. We played cranium turbo, had soup, chatted and just hung out. Very fun and a nice break from being at home.

We're in the process of looking for new king size bedroon furniture, so I went out to a couple of the showrooms yesterday looking for sales. I even drove all the way up to Kirkland to check out the Costco home place. We narrowed it down to a couple of styles - now we just have to do the purchase! :-)

Sadly, I'm back to work tomorrow. And then on travel next week, home the week after, back on travel the following week, home for 2 weeks (I think) and then gone another week. WOW! At least my travel settles down a little after that.

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  1. Happy New Year!

    What is Progressive (from your comment that while you were in Chicago you taught everyone Progressive (with a capital P)?

    Gosh, I'm not sad I'm missing this weather at all... we have a little frost on the car this morning. Brr!