Sunday, January 27, 2008

Out of the habit

Man, I've really gotten out of the habit of blogging. Now, I have to admit, January has just flown by. I've been on travel 2 weeks this month (a week to Indy and then a short week to San Diego) and those couple of down weeks have been filled with a very hectic work schedule and then animal woes.

I scratched Sabot's eye over Christmas and that turned into conjunctivitis. Yay. Yanks randomly started limping this past week while I was in San Diego so she's now confined to the guest bedroom for 7 days. Joy.

I'm going out recruiting for the shipyard in a couple of weeks to UW-Madison, IIT, WSU and Idaho. I'm actually really excited about this....

Um, and Joe and I signed up for another cruise. We really weren't planning on it, but his folks were very interesed in us cruising together. Since their 35th anniversary is in 2009, we figured this would be a great chance. We're still waiting to hear if one of the brothers will be joining us. We decided to do a mediterranean cruise on carnival for a couple of reasons a) the price was GREAT for an inside cabin 2) we've been dying to get back to Euprope c) I can't see me doing another caribbean cruise.

We're combining this with our Eastern European trip that we had scheduled....yay!

I've been working on my paper for the PMC program at IUPUI. Luckily I didn't procrastinate too much, and being in San Diego this past week helped out a LOT. I have till Friday and I'm just about done....whew.

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