Monday, February 18, 2008

Too much travel!

Argh - I've been on the go almost from the beginning of this year. I have committees at work that have just been formed since the start of the year and I have yet to go to a single meeting! I think it's been just about every other week - and then this past time was 2 weeks to go recruiting!

But - the recruiting thing was a lot of fun. I went to Madison, Wisconsin, IIT (alma mater), WSU and U-Idaho. Needless to say - I am really glad that I did not go to college in a small small town. I loved being in Chicago and having everything right there! Awesome theater - check, bike trails along the lake - check, lots of opportunities for jobs - check, gunfire at night - check. It was fun to go to IIT with someone who had never been to Chicago before - we had the requisite deep dish pizza at Due's (just like Uno's only shorter lines!), checked out some architecture and saw my ugly campus. It's getting better, but Mies just isn't one of my faves.

Last week was interesting also - it was my first time to Moscow, ID and Pullman, WA. They are both very cute towns. Decent restaurants, interesting downtowns, and a very cool co-op market in Moscow. But, I think if I were to go there for college, I would go nuts. But, to each their own.

So, I'm actually home for a while! yay! I can catch up on my library books, netflix stuff (30 Rock is fantastic!), DVR'd stuff and spending time with my sweetie and the critters. Plus, Joe's rocking on the deck - the benches are almost done and from there, all that's left are the flower beds.

Today - I'm off to buy a king size bed. We've been crowding in the queen with Sabot for almost 6 years and we're both getting tired of being crowded. Yes, yes - the simple solution is to kick the dog out. But - we both really enjoy that. We all just need a little more room and we'll be happy.

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