Thursday, March 06, 2008

Feeling better!

And I'm headed into work tomorrow. I really feel like I have to as I need to get caught up on everything I was supposed to do this week (missed an upkeep cert, so there's no catching up on that), get my itinerary and just get things ready to be gone for a week. Unfortunately, I missed out on a couple of good opportunities this week that I would have enjoyed going to (an audit outbrief). Oh well - I don't doubt there will be more audits.

I felt much better today. Partly due to the fact that I stayed on either dayquil or nyquil all day (waking up at 2am when the nyquil runs out - sucks), partly due to the chloriseptic spray (mmm...cherry numbing action!), and partly due to this flu being on it's way out (I hope).

So, I love springtime around here. The crocuses are up, the pear trees are starting to bud! Yay! Before you know it, the farmers market will be open again and there will be actual local fresh food available!

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