Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Still sick. The fever is down a little, but it's early and still has time to go up later.

What's really going on - I guess that's the big question.

Well, Joe started working at the Shipyard (yay)! We're commuting together, which is a little odd - but in a really good way). It's neat to share this part of my life with him finally. He's starting to understand all the miscellaneous junk that goes on. And, it's funny to hear him meeting all these people and them asking "are you married to Jenna?". At least this clarified who I'm married to - there's another McGrath in the tech codes and a lot of people assumed I was married to him.

We're planning our big Europe trip for 2009. We're doing a Mediterranean cruise in conjunction with Prague and Budapest. And - Jason - we are essentially able to use this trip as transportation to lots of cool places. It's a 12 night cruise and it's arount $100/night per person. Not too bad. We luckily have stashed enough miles to fly over there on British Airways Business or First class. Should be fun!

The only good thing about being sick (and let me tell ya, it's not the calls I get all day from work) is that I'm able to work on my PMC work - since I have class next week in Indianapolis, I'd say this is kinda important. The only bad thing is that I don't know how well everything will read when I'm healthy.

Oh, sheesh. And, we put an offer on some land on Lake Tahuya (in Kitsap county). It's a long term project, probably 2+ years till we would move in. But, it's sweet. 5 acres, forested with lovely big cedars, firs and maples. Has a little bit of no band lakefront, so the boy can go swimming. And there's a mountain view as well. We're going through the initial process still, getting the septic info and well tests, but it's pretty exciting!

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