Sunday, March 30, 2008

Yet more land searching today

So, we put an offer on a piece of land a few weeks ago...and we just didn't have a great feeling about it. There were huge wetland restrictions, eagle tree restrictions, concerns about people on the lake calling kitsap county every time we would do something to the lakefront (since the property is in a conservancy area) - so, meh. We backed out. And, to show it was the right thing - we haven't looked back. We'll be headed back out today to check out more places. We are excited about the stuff today - more level, less ground moving required. Should be fun.

Work was insane this week. I have my project, covering for someone else who was out at sea with all the stuff he was finding, and then all the groups I've been placed on and things I'm running down for various folks. The week just flew by. Can't believe it.

I'll post pics later, but we've been working on repainting our bedroom for a couple of weeks now. The first step was getting texture (orangepeel) applied. Needless to say, in whatever house we build in the future - there will be no texture. It's such a pain to paint - and every time we do something to the walls, we have to do a touch up of it. Next, we painted / glazed the back wall where the bed is. This was my first time doing a "technique" and I was pretty pleased with the results. The next week, we finally got the other 3 walls done. We're now left with the trim and ceiling. I'm pretty pleased with how it looks so far.

Ok, so I'm totally enamored with the Mac Air Book (or whatever it is). I love the thought of having a laptop that compact. As much as I like using the one we have, it's a major undertaking to pack it up and move it around. That mac is just so....sleek and nice looking.

And, I'm still procrastinating. I've finished up all my research and have determined a "theme" for the paper, so it shouldn't be too bad to crank out by Friday night. Joe turned 33 this week! We didn't do anything too special to celebrate, but it's funny how quickly the years are going by. Oh, but - we did get SNOW on his birthday! That doesn't happen too much this time of year in the lowlands.

Jason was right on the nose about the green tea! Hmmm...did a little birdy spread that word? Or are you just an awesome guesser? I'm super excited about heading over to Japan eventually. I just really love travel and from all the pictures I've seen, TV shows and things I've read, I can't wait! Luckily, I'll get a couple of chances to head over there this year / next year to kind of get a taste of what I'm in store for prior to the project.

Well, I suppose I should get going for the day. I have a paper calling me, books calling me (they'll probably win) and just life to live.


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