Saturday, April 19, 2008

Snow in April

I've been sort-of trying to post for a few days but every time I get on here and click "new post" blogger slows way down!

Last weekend was just incredible. It must have been 80 here at the house - what a wonderful spring day. But, boy - we paid for it for the next couple of days - rain rain and more rain! And, to top it off - it's been snowing this weekend - not just in the mountains, but here, Oly, Tacoma.

So, the property we've been working on in Poulsbo isn't really working out quite yet. We're walking away for a bit to clear our minds on it. Hopefully it'll work out.

I have a huge reading list right now - there are all kinds of incredible books I want to read...from management to feminist theory to house design and building! Whew! I'm currently working on "30 Second Seduction" about how advertisers market to women, "First Break All the Rules" about the Gallup Q-12 survey detailing employee engagement and "Generation Me" about the Gen X'ers and Y'ers born from the early 70s on. Good stuff - all of it.

Our new bed was delivered today and it looks great - for a frame! The mattress is coming tomorrow and we're both quite excited.

Pics later of the snow - Joe's going to Alpental tomorrow - it's amazing how late the mountain is open this year!

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