Monday, April 07, 2008

What a weekend!

We just had a great time this past weekend. Sabot got boarded on Saturday and off we went to look at (more) properties and head up to Edmonds for the Rick Steves' travel festival. The property hunting is coming along swimmingly. We think we have a finalist in Poulsbo and then one near Silverdale. Both have their pluses and minuses but we feel good about either! Test drives to time them after work this week and then hopefully we'll have a decision soon.

The Rick Steves' festival was killer. We signed up for two seminars - one on eastern Europe and the other on Italy - done by Rick. Eastern was good - rushed but good. But the Italy one - we were just blown away! Rick is a super talented speaker - and he had some great commentary on Italy. My personal fave - if you don't like crowded, slightly dirty, etc, etc (when talking about Italy) - go to Denmark! He made that comment (with variations) several times. Just seeing his pictures and hearing how enthusiastic he is got me psyched - and we have over 14 months to go! :-)

That lasted late Saturday - and we of course had to get a couple of things at the ETBD store since everything was 20% off! We stopped for dinner on the way home and then made it home around 11pm or so.

Sunday was really relaxing - it's weird not having the dog around, but boy - do we sleep well! No 5am wake up! We puttered around the house, got some picking up done and ran errands later. All in all - a very nice weekend.

This week is a little hectic at work for me - I'm wearing three hats right now - luckily it's not too much stuff - just some additional meetings for me to go to.

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