Saturday, May 17, 2008


It HAS been a while since I've posted! I've had good intentions...but it just hasn't happened.

I'm back from another week in Indy. This class - loads better than the last one. And, the weather was perfect. Our group hit some great non-chain restaurants in the downtown area. The only bad part were the days that I spent in the airports. Chicago last sunday sucked - my 45 minute flight to Indy was delayed by over 2.5 hours and there were 4 gate changes - with the last one being right when we were supposed to board and there being NO announcement. Bleh. And, due to delays, I got in a little later than anticipated last night so I finally got home around 1am. Luckily, my reliable alarm clock (aka Sabot) got me up bright and early.

Hmmmm, so since I've last blogged, spring has definitely sprung in the Northwest - and, in fact - we're due to get temps in the low 90s today. WOW! Very unusual here! We had friends over a few weeks ago to brew beer, so that is always a good time. And, today we're headed over to another set of friends for a lovely bbq.

The property - well, it isn't going well right now. There are water availability issues that we're still trying to work through. But, we're not really hoping for much at this point.

So, to end on a good note - some lovely pictures!

Note that what's significant here is what you DON'T see - namely - english ivy!!!
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