Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial Day weekend (so far!)

Just a few snapshots from this wonderful 3 day weekend. I've been thinking about how the 2 years since Joe's gotten back from Iraq have just flown by. It's funny - our conversations now consist of pre-Iraq in this house, during Iraq (i.e., my trips back east to DC), and then post Iraq. I guess that's just such a big event, that it still is a time hack for us (see - army lingo still in use). But, no doubt as the years move on, we'll have other events that become like that for us.

Dave and Bernie came over on Saturday. It was sort of last minute, but such a treat to see them. It's been so long since they've visited - they hadn't seen the deck done! We relaxed outside in the wonderful 70 degree weather, had a relaxed dinner and drank some very yummy champagne! It was a really night night.

Costco flowers rock. I know I should support local growers and reduce my footprint of oil consumption used to transport these to the store - but they looked SO nice and were such a great price, I ended up with 2 bouquets that I turned into one!
Beer brewing time (again)! Joe just brewed a few weeks ago with friends from work. Since that beer is now drinkable and the second keg in that batch is on it's way to San Diego with said friends, he decided it was time to try something new. So, here are the grains prior to smoking. Since we've been in love with smoked porters recently (since I discovered how good the Stone smoked porter is in San Diego), Joe's attempting a clone of the Alaskan Brewery's Smoked Porter. Mmmmmm....this one is going to be yummy!

And, finally - the chaos of my old dining room table - aka - the craft table. I have (as always) several things in the works.
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