Monday, July 28, 2008


So, yeah, that was July.

Sheesh - the month has just flown by. I'm getting ready to head back home and then to Indy for a week prior to returning here to finish up the project. Needless to say, it feels like I've been here for about a week and a year at the same time. The time has gone really quickly and work has been crazy (said in that Dr. Cox from scrubs kind of way) but I really miss home. I'm burned out on travel and am looking forward to cuddling with Joe, Yankee and Sabot very much.

I haven't done much at all this time - I don't have my bike or scrapbooking stuff down here, so I've read a TON of books, gotten a couple of massages (one awesome and one terrible - I didn't realize that you could have bones and connective tissue massaged - needless to say, I hurt the next day and not in a good way), seen a couple of movies and had some good dinners with friends. I tell ya - a good or even decent group of people makes all the difference in the world. We've changed out a couple of people along this trip - all the folks from Reagan who had no home started out the project and there's about half of us left. But, we have a good group to finish up and I can honestly say that I've never been involved in anything more technically challenging in my career. Each day we're making significant decisions about testing, acceptability and process. Truly - almost anything is easy after the last 2 months - and the hard part is still to come.

But, getting back to the fun stuff - I saw Wall-E and Get Smart in the last couple of weeks. I really enjoyed both of them in different ways....Wall-E was just incredible - the story was sweet and pointed at the same time. The animation was just amazing - truly, truly stunning. And, for once, Disney had a female lead who wasn't a princess - eh, I guess Ratatoullie (sp?) was the same. But, it was great. Loved each and every minute of it. Get Smart was so completely different and it was just what I needed that day. I had a crappy day, was in a foul mood and was just not wanting to see anything in particular. I almost skipped the movie because I had a call just when the lights went dim and it just sucked. But, it was cute, clever and just funny. I walked out in a much better mood than when I walked in.

sigh - I've just finished another book tonight - Japanland. It wasn't one of the normal travel journal essay books I've been seeing in the book stores, so I picked it up - I'm a sucker for a pretty book. I have another stack of books at home waiting for me - both from Amazon and the library. Woohoo!

Well, that's about all for now. Maybe there will be another update soon....

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