Friday, August 01, 2008

Hey - it's august!

Wow - how'd that happen?! ;-0

First - love the Onion. You know - that newspaper from Madison that just rocks. Well, one of my fave blogs had a link to their take on the recently released study that concluded that boys and girls math skills were - gasp - equal!? Well - here it is.

Ok, so other things. I'm home for a few, wonderful days. I got to sleep in till almost 8am today. I woke up with the cat on me and the dog's tail thumping away. I love it. The only thing that would have made it better would be to have Joe there as well - ah, well, someone has to work around here.

My last night in SD (for a week or so, anyway), I went to the John Mayer concert. Let me preface this by saying that when I was first introduced to his music in 2004, I wasn't fully impressed. It was folksy and I was in my feminist punk rock time then. But, I've mellowed a little since then and his radio stuff (yay for the record industry drawing me to an artist with "playable" songs) really grabbed me. Plus, a couple of the folks on the TD went to a concert of his last year and raved about his mad guitar skills. So, I picked up a ticket last weekend and went to the concert - not really sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised that I was not the oldest person in the audience - seems like that's been a common problem for some of the more recent shows I've been to.

But, the music. Holy crap. He has mad, mad guitar skills. Blues guitar, folk guitar. Just amazing. I loved his radio music, but when everyone in the audience sings I don't dig it (listen - I came to the concert to hear HIM sing - not you!). But, some of his longer jams with the blues guitar and the heavy beats were just amazing. He's a little odd, so I'm not totally digging his public personna, but his music is amazing. I'm about ready to declare it's the best concert I've ever been to.

On the agenda for this weekend is - nothing much! I have some homework and reading that I really need to get done, some more packing to do and then just some handing out with Joe and the critters that's vitally important as well.

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