Saturday, September 13, 2008

Lovely beaches....

It's been a nice transition to be back home. As much as I love the lovely San Diego area, beaches, weather and food - there's nothing like being here. Guess that means it's time for me to head out again and do some travel! I have almost 4 weeks of travel scheduled for work between now and the end of October - plus - Joe gets to head out and start traveling for the shipyard as well! Good times for all.
Some of my trips will be a lot of fun - I'm off to do some more recruiting this year. As much as that sounds like a boondoggle, and, in comparison to my last project, it will be - but, it's so much fun to get out there, talk to college kids about their goals and aspirations and seeing how they'll fit into what we do. It's such a hard choice - I remember going to TONS of interviews. I was probably not a very good candidate as I don't interview strongly. But, the excitement I had about each possibility and the sense of going "I have no idea what I really want to do, so I'll just interview with a whole lot of companies and see what jumps out at me." I'd say, all things considered, that I made the right choice. I love the Pacific NW now, my job is mostly great, I get to travel and I'm challenged with the tasks I'm given. Another cool recruiting trip (other than the colleges) will be the chance to go to the SWE conference and be a part of our overarching command at the career fair. That'll be really cool and I'm quite excited that we, as a corporation, are realizing that our work is so different among the activities, that we can recruit together and get the right people talking to each other! If that makes sense at all.

I have my last week of PMC coming up as well - this will be the capstone week in DC. I'm very much looking forward to this all being done. I have my last class' paper up on the screen here and am hoping to mail it off today. Trying to fit the program in this year was really a challenge - it started out easy enough, but the bronchitis in the 2nd class, heading to San Diego a week after the 3rd class and then being in San Diego all around the 4th didn't give me as much time as I had hoped for for each of the classes.

I have another trip in there as well, but more details on that when I get back. Suffice to say that it'll be an adventure! And, darn it - some time in London as well. Hmmm.... London Walks - here I come!

I did manage to get a cool device that enables me to check my work email from home. Fortunately, I have no desire to do that unless I'm on travel. Really - they get enough of me when I'm at work and then all the miscellaneous phone calls at random times. I do not want to give up my home time answering emails as well. Yes, it will be a relief to be able to go on most trips and not have 400 some work emails waiting for me to answer when I return (as was the case for my trip to Indy in August). But, that's about it.

It's supposed to be a lovely weekend up here. Maybe 80s tomorrow which means we'll probably head out rafting! Good times!
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