Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sunny Summer Sunday in Seattle

Joe and I started off Sunday by fleeing our hotel in Bellevue - it was smelly (like too much febreeze) and we had stayed out late at gameworks playing around - I found this awesome Japanese drumming game - way too much fun and I had blisters to show for it! So, we headed to Seattle for some brunch and made our way to Etta's - one of the Tom Douglas restaurants in town. I had been wanting to try ONE of them for a while and this was only one of two that served brunch. And, oh boy - was it worth it. Great coffee, non-premade bloody mary's and a yummy yummy meal. Joe had a squash scramble and I had a killer roast beef hash! Mmmmmm. We wandered around Pike Place market for a bit - we hadn't been up there together in a number of years (maybe 8?) so it was a treat for us to check out all these cool little places. We found Shelton Chantrelle mushrooms and all kinds of other lovely things.

\Loved this shot of the tour group - using umbrellas as a tracking device - clever!

It's a little like charlie brown's teacher - waaaa wa wa waaa wa
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