Sunday, September 28, 2008

Well, since it looks like she arrived safely...

I feel ok with putting this up (silly, I know). Looks like the GW arrived safely over on Jason's blog, so this was my last view of her leaving the channel in San Diego a little over a month ago. And, wow - what a month it's been! I'm glad that it was a safe arrival for crew and ship. I know the group over there is thrilled to finally see her arrive.

Seems that I won't be headed to Japan in 2010 afterall. I'm still coming through the disappointment, but it's a good thing. There's been a whole lot of travel on my end and after this past year, I wasn't thrilled at the prospect of spending another good chunk of the next 2 years gone. Plus, the 2010 would have interfered with a plan that Joe and I have had in place for AGES now - going to the Vancouver Olympics. We aren't going to see any of the big name things - no skiing, ice skating or luge for us. Nope - we're going to see two classic canadian sports - hockey and curling. Why is it that people laugh so much when I tell them about curling? We've watched it on TV and it looks like such a great sport to just go and hang out and drink beer while watching. Hard to believe, but the tickets are getting released soon and looks like we're staged to make an initial request - so that's pretty cool.

The only negative part about not heading to Japan is that my job is changing in a direction different than what I expected. I'm still a little burned out from the summer, so that's not helping much. When I'm finally through with all my travel for this year (in November), then I think that I'll be more excited about where I'm headed.

The dude (aka Sabot) has been in a funk this weekend - he must have messed up his hindquarters jumping for apples or pears on Friday. He spent most of yesterday lounging around but towards the end of the day, he was finally out trotting in our yard. I hear him whining now, so that's a good sign.

It was a week of death on our property - there was a deer carcass here early in the week that Joe had to contend with (since I was off recruiting), Yankee killed a mole yesterday (good little girl!) and then I saw her chase down and grab a chipmunk yesterday. It was pretty funny - especially since she doesn't kill the chipmunks - she grabs them by the scruff and carries them into the middle of the yard (or in the house).

We're hanging out here enjoying the lovely weather. And, I'm packing for my next trip - should be an interesting one. I'll probably take the 4 MB card for the camera as I'll be seeing lots of stuff I've never seen before.

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  1. So any hints on what you will be doing and the change of direction that you're undertaking? :j