Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving (soon!)

Happy Turkey day to the 2 people who read my blog! :-) Hope that everyone has a lovely day with loved ones and / or family (ha!).

All is well here in lovely Shelton. We've been playing the Wii like mad since it arrived last week. I managed to bruise my arm from how I hold the guitar for Guitar Hero (Aerosmith edition, of course) and Joe's been having a ball with Tiger 09. Good times. Hopefully, we'll be able to track down a Wii Fit as soon as they lose steam in popularity.

We've also been continuing to prep the house for winter - paint is going up outside on the trim to get any and all bare wood covered. It's a slow process because we have fewer "good" hours in the day, but we'll get there. In addition to that, we're doing the whole land search thing again. We've started to look at some houses too, but aren't feeling the love. Joe and I both think we've found "the lot" so it's just a matter of us moving forward with it.

I finally finished a couple of SB projects that I've had in the pipeline a while - one for 3 months (or so) and then one for almost a year. It's pretty bad when I've had one essentially done except for the photos. I'll send those off to their new owner tomorrow...

Our plans for Turkey day consist of....nothing. Should be nice.

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  1. Turkey day was good. Spent it in Texas with Family and did the whole day after shopping thing.

    will post an update soon, bout how we just closed on our new house and all.

    Take care and enjoy the home life! You've earned it, I'd say. :j