Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Day in NYC

On our trip back to Jersey for Christmas, Joe and I decided to spend a day in the city - NYC that is. We had tickets for the Devils vs. Rangers at Madison Square Garden in the evening, so went up early in the day so we'd have lots of time to wander around. And - boy - did we wander.

I think we saw a lot of the major sites in the city - 30 Rock, Times Square in the day and night, Central Park, the M&M store, etc. It was fun and crowded. We thought about going to the half price ticket booth in Times Square, but when we got there the line for the booth was around the block, across the street, down another block and then around a corner. Crazy. People must have been waiting for at least a couple of hours. We decided to not see anything - although there was lots of good stuff playing - Shrek the Musical (Bringing Ugly Back was on all the posters there), Avenue Q, Mamma Mia, Chicago, Spamalot, etc.

I could not get over the crowds. It was utter chaos. I really *love* it when people just randomly stop in the sidewalk and have a conversation with their group - especially at crosswalks. Joe said that I was fitting in quite nicely as I just said "excuse me" and went right on through.

I saw the Magnolia Bakery around the NBC studios, so we had to pop in for a cupcake. Needless to say, I was really disappointed. They were very dry, the flavor was weak and overall not worth the money. Hmph. That'll teach me (again) to not go for the famous places. I should have learned that with Sprinkles. Oh well.
Our wandering path was something like this: Penn Station over to 30 rock via the fashion district (I saw the parsons studio! Gotta love project runway!), wandering over to the upper east side, we made a side trip to see the trams at the Queensborough bridge. Back to the upper east side, up to about 75th street, across central park, down to 72nd to grab lunch, up to 84th, over to Broadway and then down to the Empire State Building - finally ending up back at MSG for the game. Joe and I tend to walk very quickly, so we made better time than expected and ended up stopping in a few bars to get a beer / light snacks.

No trip to NY can be called complete without a hot dog from a stand so just before we headed into MSG, we stopped at a sabretts stand and got a dog, a sausage and a pretzel. Mmmm....very yummy indeed!

We had a really great time at the same and I forgot just how brutal New Yorkers are at sporting events. I hadn't been to one in NY since my first (and only) Yankee Stadium game. Needless to say, Joe was not in the majority at this game and the fans let him know. After the first Devils goal - Joe stood up to cheer and was told to "Sit down, moron" and "Shut up, asshole". All I could do was laugh. When the Rangers were not getting enough shots on goal, the fans near us were yelling, about a particular player, "You're a 6 million dollar piece of shit" and started booing THEIR OWN team! Two of my favorite events came late in the game. The camera people were in our section for fan shots on the jumbotron and Joe managed to get in a shot. Needless to say, lots of rangers fans stood up around him quite promptly, he had a beer cup (empty) thrown at him and was told "This isn't the Rock - this is MSG!". Lovely indeed. Finally, as we were leaving, Joe was yelled at to "Go back to the swamp" - so, now - I keep yelling at Joe to go back to the swamp - because, really, where else but in NY would they tell you that?!
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