Sunday, December 21, 2008

More Snow!

Seriously - this is just crazy. Joe and I have had a weekend camped out in the house - I went out and got some groceries yesterday and it was quite the frustrating experience. The stores were PACKED - I think it was people both shopping for Christmas dinner and stocking up before the big storm.
We have had quite a bit of snow here in the last 36 hours. And it's still snowing big huge flakes at this moment. The deck has been swept lots and lots of times, paths for the dog have been dug and we're just staying in the house except for playtime with the dog - or jumping into the hottub.

Joe decided to go skiing through the neighborhood again this year. It was not quite the first tracks he had like last year, but he had fun. I managed to stick the truck in a ditch and we had a plow help push us out.

The snow was just great yesterday but last night we must have gotten a little freezing rain as there was a slight layer of ice this AM on the snow - makes playing with the pup quite hard as he's not fond of having to break through the ice with his poor paws. We really need to get him some booties.
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