Monday, January 19, 2009

400th Post!

WOW - 400 posts since 2005. Crazy. I'm noticing that my post count declined drastically since Joe got back from Iraq, but I guess that's to be expected.

We met with Hiline Homes today to talk about building our new home on property up in Poulsbo. I went in there very skeptical - I thought they would look cheap, that we'd be way limited on options and that we would see everything we DON'T like about homes built quickly. However, I was really pleasantly surprised. From the minute we walked into the model home (also their sales office), it was good. The floorplan was open, the ceilings were tall, the quality was nice. All in all, I was impressed. And, the cool thing are that there are not TOO many options. joe and I made decisions about light fixtures, cabinets, doors and just moved on. We didn't spend forever trying to decide what we wanted. We DID change our mind on the floorplan. We went in thinking we would do the 2318 and ended up seeing and loving the 2248. Love the 3rd car garage - that'll turn into a shop, so that's a big savings for something we won't have to build. Like the openness of the layout. And, I think we times it right as there were some folks from Bainbridge Island who used the 2576 (which is the 2248 but w/o the 3rd car garage) as their base and then made some modifications to it - dropping the wall between the dining room and "great" room, moving the doors around for the master bedroom / closet and then putting doors on the pantry. And, it turns out those changes are easy to make.

We also ended up getting a price for having everything done - cabinets, floors, etc. We talked about doing the super shell, but by the time we would go out and get bids on everything, it was iffy if we'd save any money.

It's not what I'd call cheap, but we're getting a lot of house for the money with some really good upgrades. So far, it's been a good experience. We're meeting the sales agent at the property tomorrow so she can look and see how much grading she thinks we'll need and also to pass us names of excavators so we can start getting quotes.

So, tomorrow is a pretty cool day. I'm hopeful to get the administration off the ground and going and hopefully bringing America closer to where it needs to be.

I want this country to move from "blue" and "red" to a united country that cares about each person.

I want people to see the hypocrisy in themselves - so-called Christians or Catholics who don't hesitate to spread hate to someone (or about someone) because of how they look, who they love or what they believe in.

I want to help move this country past a place where we don't care about our neighbor - where we go "as long as I have a job and health insurance - then who cares about you" - I see social services, universal healthcare and educational benefits as being a part of America.

More than anything, I just want America to be America again. I don't someone to be called unpatriotic because they disagree with the administation. I don't want someone to be labeled a terrorist because they work for a woman's right to vote, because they have a middle name that is perceived to be "wrong".

I'm feeling excited about this administation in a way I haven't felt in 8 years.

It's pretty cool - and I know there are others out there too.

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  1. I guess the greatest freedom we enjoy as Americans is differing opinions.

    I'm excited to hear more about the house! Do you have links to these numbers so outsiders can view your floor plans?