Sunday, January 25, 2009

Great weekend!

So, I've been a cupcake making fiend lately - 4 different types for the last four weeks. It all started with some killer s'mores cupcakes (a knockoff of the ones I had at Trophy cupcakes in Seattle) and then this weekend I'm working on some devils food cupcakes with espresso meringue. Mmmm...The photo here are my hummingbird cupcakes with cream cheese frosting - courtesy of Martha Stewart's website. They were yummy indeed. It is getting to the point, however, that when I bring cupcakes into work, people groan a little...I have to say that does give me a little bit of joy as I enjoy baking and I know they're groaning because the cupcakes are typically quite delightful.

I'll post photos of the yummy smores cupcakes shortly - they happen to reside on the desktop and the laptop has been easier to use since it's hooked up to the external hard drive that is our photo backup thingy.

This weekend I finally went and got my birthday present to myself. All last year I had been ooh-ing and aah-ing over Sally Jean Alexander's work and when she posted her late 2008 / 2009 classes for her portland studio, I was all over them. This weekend I took "Soldering for Virgins" and "Home is where the Heart is" - the bottom photo on this post are her samples in class. Both were just wonderful - this was my first time soldering and it was very cool. Slightly frustrating at times as I was struggling to put the jump rings on all my projects, but way fun. I'm totally tempted to sign up for the Wand class...or the shrine class....or the lampshade....mmm.....options indeed!
And her studio in the Pearl District of Portland was just amazing. It was so vintagey, big and perfect. I was blown away by all the lovely vintage items - I can't imagine having such an amazing eye to be able to pick all of them out. I really need to get out and try to go to more a) estate sales b) garage sales c) flea markets and d) antique shows. Way cool.

I'll probably hold off on buying the soldering stuff for a while as I'm way too invested into card making / scrapbooking right now. But some of the things we did - using found objects, collage techniques and just playing with paint and paper - are things I need to do way more often.

The property purchase is continuing along swimmingly. Joe and I managed to make a few more tweaks to the plan, but all-in-all, we're quite happy. Now, we just have to start the whole crazy process.

I'm really looking forward to being closer to friends and things to do. I like it out here - but it's just so far away from anything we like to do - except go hiking.

I guess it's about time to walk the dog. Big ticket items on my agenda this week are to finish up an application for a group at work, work on the school application for my Masters in Public Affairs and start packing for our ski trip to Sun Peaks! Woohoo!

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