Sunday, January 18, 2009

Only 2 more days!

Can you believe it - only 2 more days until the Inauguration. NPR has had some great coverage of some of the more unusual aspects of Obama's campaign and then the actual ceremony. Yesterday AM I heard interviews with a professor who will get to recite a poem she wrote just for the inauguration. Scott Simon asked her is she thought about having her poem heard by billions possibly - and her reply was fantastic - it was something about how can you really comprehend that amount of people...that all she can do to prepare for something of this magnitude is to do her very best. from the Black Eyed Peas also had a nice piece about how his "Yes We Can" song ended up coming about. I had forgotten about Obama's speach following the New Hampshire Caucus - and it gave me goosebumps to hear it again. I'm bummed out that I'll have to watch everything later on Tuesday - but, that's what I love about the DVR.

So, we had just a little bit of snow here in December. And then slightly torrential rains in January. Up where we are, we really didn't have any issues - there were spots on some of the roads that were flooded, but compared to the rest of Washington, we were fortunate. Plus, it helped all of that snow finally melt. Sabot was laying in it and munching on snow till the very last spot of clean snow was gone.

We're really looking forward to our ski vacation coming up here in early Feb. We'll be headed to Sun Peaks, BC for a change. Everything we've read makes us think that this will be a whole lot more laid back than the Whistler vacations. Whistler, while fun, is just a crazy village. And there are massive amounts of people there almost all the time.

I've been getting antsy being at home for almost 3 months...this is, literally, the longest I've gone without work travel in years. Although last year was the extreme, I really do love to travel. AND - I managed to snag a trip to DC the week following the ski vacation - woohoo! I love DC and have my hotel reservation, for now, in the JW Marriott by the White House. This will be quite exciting - I've always stayed in Crystal City or Pentagon City - so being in the District will be very cool. It'll be a quick trip - just 2 days - but fun and challenging.

I'm still working on wraping my head around the program office I'm in. Some days I sit there and wonder how the heck people can make decisions in such a vacuum without talking to any of the other offices, yards, departments, etc. Luckily, I'm still near all the carrier folks, so they've been helping me keep my sanity.

We had friends over last night - one of the couples has the spouse deploying to Iraq again in about 2 months and they just had their 2nd baby - so we wanted to make sure to get together before the deployment. It was fun - all of the couples had a good time playing on the Wii - the ski jump on the Fit was a popular favorite.

Sabot had his first experience with a very curious 20 month old. Luckily, she kept feeding him (sometimes on purpose - like when she'd throw her food to him; other times on accident - when she held her cheese just a little too close to his nose) so they were good buddies. When she got on him like a pony, though - it was way too funny. He just kind of sat there and looked at us as she bounced up and down a couple of times (not too hard) and when he got tired of it - he stood up and she slid right off his back onto her behind. It was great. The cat was less than thrilled with the noise, however, so she would only make occasional appearances.

We're heading up to Pt Townsend tomorrow to talk with the Hiline Homes folks about building a house. The land is very close to closing - so we're ramping up all the stuff we're working on. Should be fun and exciting. And daunting!

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