Saturday, January 31, 2009

What's Up

1. Property is ours. Very daunting. Now we just have to clear the trees to get our building site clear and get a septic design done.

2. If you go here - click on the "2248" floor plan - that's ours except for a few tweaks here and there to make it work better for us.

3. I really need a vacation - luckily - we're headed up to Sun Peaks, BC this week for a break and a chance to visit with Joe's brother Eric and our awesome friends from DC.

4. Looks like Joe will be heading out to New Jersey right when he gets back from his latest black belt class (so, presidents day weekend) to donate some marrow for his little brother. That sucks that it came to that so quickly.

5. It does, however make for an impressive out of office reply "I am out of the office until further notice. I anticipate being back in the office around March 15th."

6. When I went down to Portland last week, I managed to hit Cupcake Jones. Mmmmm - very yummy. All the cupcakes were filled and they had some incredible flavors - PB&J, Gingerbread, Chai Tea.... how do you choose just one?

7. We're taking the full Wii ensemble up to BC with us, so almost half the car will be Wii junk (drums, guitars, a fit) and then the other half will be food and gear. Good times.

8. I'm headed to DC in about a week for a work meeting. I managed to swing an extra day in there to get some time with folks back there to discuss diversity initiatives, rotations at HQ again and general stuff. I'm doing something new this time and will be staying near the white house at the JW Marriott on Pennsylvania Ave. Should be cool.

9. The mill where Joe used to work was shut down this week by WeyCo. Almost a year to the day after he left. In addition, the saw mill in Aberdeen was closed at the same time (also by WeyCo). That really blows for Grays Harbor County. It was hard enough for everyone out there - now there's so little industry left... bleh.

10. I need to go get the tires rotated in the honda today. Good times!

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