Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sunpeaks Rocks!

Sun Peaks was wonderful. We had about 7 inches of fresh powder on Sunday night which was fantastic to see - especially since January was a bit of a no snow month out here. I can't believe how far away that place is, though - it's seriously just about in the Canadian Rockies!

We had a bit of drama crossing the border on the way there - fortunately not in the ladies car, but in the men's car. It's one of those situations that comes across every so often, but it was a combination of forgotten passports, comments made to the border patrol and then other things. Needless to say, the car was completely unpacked and the guys were held up at the border almost an hour. It was quite sad, actually, that the guards unpacked the car as we had done a very successful job of cramming all the toys into the car in the first place.

But, our luck improved quickly with that fresh snow. The village is really a great change from Whistler. Way more low key and local feeling. Not nearly the international destination that Whistler has become. The village was super quiet and at times it seemed deserted. That also held true for the mountains (yes - this resort has 3 mountains in it). We'd be skiing or boarding down a run and not run into the entire soul...kinda weird, but really peaceful too.

So, yeah - it was a great week. We all loved the place and really enjoyed just a quiet week with a small, walkable town. Don't get me wrong - I love Whistler - but this was a nice change and somewhere we'll definitely try to go back and visit another year. Pictures will be posted next week - Joe took the picture saver (aka the laptop) with him to Cali.

I"m chilling at home by myself this afternoon - no Joe, no Sabot and no Yankee. We opted to leave the critters boarded since we would have had them home for less than 24 hours. And, Joe took off late this AM (while I was eating some lovely sushi on my errands) for his latest trip to California, so it's very quiet at home. YAY!

While catching up with our DVR last night, I had the joy to watch the latest No Reservations show on the travel channel. It featured Chicago - and it was just such a treat! Tony Bourdain paid homage not only to the north side, but also to the south and far south sides. He went down to the 95th street bridge for a fish smoking place and to 47th street for a "mother-in-law" hot dog. The best part of the episode - and it caused me to do a big "woot woot" for Chi-town - was when Tony declared (yes, declared) that the Chicago hot dog is better than it's New York counterpart. Take that NYC! ;-) Wonderful episode - well worth watching.

I'm off for a few short days to go to DC....I'm looking forward to the trip, even though it's been shortened by a day due to a meeting on Thurs afternoon being cancelled. I have some places on my radar to eat - hopefully I'll make it to Ben's Chili Bowl on U Street as well as a shawarma place over in Crystal City that I've been wanting to try. Mmmm.

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