Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday goodness

Well, my day improved immediately when I got home. I had a happy dog to greet me (although I think he needed to pee) and lovely weather to walk him in. The ground dried out enough since yesterday that I didn't start the walk with a yellow lab but end with a chocolate lab. It was really great - the days are finally getting long enough so that I can give the dog a nice walk when I get home - so today we made it to the valley behind our house and still had time to play with a good amount of sun. The air was just so clean - it was very enjoyable.

My day at work consisted of 2.5 hours (yes, hours) struggling to get my email and computer to cooperate first thing this AM. Not a very pleasant way to start the day, so my mood was quite crappy. Plus - I LOVE being told to smile at work when random people walk by and I'm just chatting with someone. Bleh. Bite me.

But, it's all made happy by being home. I have books from the library to get started on (side note - picking up a stack of books from the library is one of my top errands to run. there's nothing like a stack of new books), the wii fit to work out on tonight and I think there might even be some good TV on - well, Daily show is new, so that's ALWAYS good.

I found time yesterday to make some cards and it's so nice to start getting back into a crafty routine. I really haven't felt like it since coming back from all my travel in the fall - so I think I'm finally settled in here. Weird how that works.

I'm getting desperate noises from Sabot, so that must mean it's dinnertime.

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  1. Gotta love the e-mail system at work. :-) Thanks for sending me the link. I've got you on my Reader.