Friday, February 20, 2009

Weekend Work. Woot!

Oddly enough, I'm working both days this weekend and am looking forward to it. Must be something to do with working on an actual project (not like a paper project but an actual boat project) and how desperate I am to do some waterfront work again. Oh well, the weekend will go quickly and I'll be back in my own cube soon.

It was an odd week - very frustrating for a lot of different reasons. But, the end was on a good note with the project thing. I'm trying to work through a situation at work with some personnel stuff that I haven't had to deal with before and it's teaching me a lot about management at the yard. Can't really discuss, but suffice to say that there are parts that make me proud to be a manager and other things that make me cringe to hear people I know and respect behaving badly. Not bad-bad, but just not good manager behavior.

The critters and I have settled into our normal "joe isn't here" routine. Sabot is still a little bit weirded out that it's just me (in his own odd way).

I was speaking with one of the O-6's at work today and he mentioned having one of the JOs in the yard go on an Individual Augmentee assignment and how much he worried about each of them (which I thought was awesome for him to express that) - and I mentioned that I understood because of Joe's deployment. He replied back that it must have been hell for me - and it's weird because I do remember how awful it was with the stress of him over there every day, but it's become dulled with time - almost 4 years since Joe left.

Something I didn't mention last week - the one place where I went that I had forgotten that I wanted to go to was the 9/11 memorial at the Pentagon. I was there during the daytime last fall and was moved at how beautiful and somber the memorial is. But, at night, it's even more touching. Seeing the individual monuments lit up, hearing the water and seeing the entire landscape is something. If you ever find your self on the yellow or blue line at night and are near the Pentagon - go check it out. You won't be sorry that you did.

On a lighter note - my beloved Amazing Race is back on TV again and is very exciting. The race had a great first leg and I'm hopeful for a great season. I'd love to apply one of these days with Joe just to run it and go to all these different places and have all these cool experiences. But, a) putting us out there on TV is not something that's too too enticing and b) we don't have a gimmick to get us on the show. What would our thing be? "30-something year old married couple without kids but with a dorky dog run the race and show us how many ways they can be neurotic but still have a great time" Eh, I don't think CBS is interested.

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  1. I was at work all weekend too. We should have hung out. :-) Could you hear my booming iPod on shuffle through the floor? Yesterday I saw no one. Today there were a few folks that walked by. Otherwise it was just me, my tunes, and my computer. Glad to hear you got to play with the boats again. I'll hold down the other end of the curve and cling to my desk for dear life. :-)