Monday, March 30, 2009

Closing the month...

One more day in March. Boy how time flies.

I'm currently procrastinating doing some affinitizing of a survey at home that was accomplished at work. Good times. I should have gotten this done last week, but I had to re-do something someone else didn't do a great job on. Ugh.

The weekend was awesome here - Joe and I went kayaking for the first time through the MWR program at NBK-Bangor. It was a little daunting to voluntarily dump myself out of a kayak upside down, but most definitely good to know how to self-rescue and do an assisted rescue. We went out to the open water on a very chilly, rainy day but stayed warm since Joe and I were paddling all over the place. It made for quite the long day - but it was a day well spent since it was what Joe wanted to do for his b-day. We'll definitely be doing more sea kayaking in the future....

Sunday was busy as well. We went up to the property to clear a bunch of trees in the main building area. Luckily, we have wonderful friends who came to help as well and the guy was quite the skilled person with a chainsaw. He made quick work of all the cedars and the guys are again going out there next weekend to limb and buck the trees. Things are zooming now! I can'tbelieve how taking down about 15 trees (or so) made such a big difference. It was later when we got home that day, so it was not a short day - but super productive.

The only down part of the last week was finding out that Joe's brother has "graft vs host" disease in his stomach or digestive system and had to go back to the hospital again. Hopefully all will get fixed quickly and he'll be at home recovering again shortly.

It's a long week ahead of us here and this weekend will be busy again! Whew!

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