Sunday, March 08, 2009

Home again...

At least I am. Joe was home for about 24 hours and then took off for his last week in California for his Black Belt College.

This past week was...fair. I can't really say that it was good because there's really nothing good about the situation with joe's brother. But, Joe started taking the Neupogen (sp?) last Sunday to encourage his stem cells to grow like mad and then that got his all set for donating on Wed and Thurs of this week. Getting going on Wed was a little rough - the apheresis machine was quirky, the nurses didn't do a great job getting the needles (an in one and then an out one) into Joe's veins and then at the end, one of the needles (the out one!) fell out which caused the chair Jeoe was sitting in to look like a CSI episode with the blood. But, the donation itself was successful - Joe gave a full transplant amount of stem cells (aka - the gravy or creamy filling) and one booster on the first day so that the second day, all that needed to happen was two more boosters of stem cells - if Ryan needs them. Hopefully, this will do the trick for Ryan - we'll find out in about 2 weeks if Joe's gravy engrafted into Ryan's blood and body.

I woke up this AM to 1/2" of snow on the ground that I wasn't completely expecting - but, this being seattle, it's almost all gone by now and it's sunny again.

I'm making cupcakes again this afternoon - today I'll be making brown sugar pound cake with browned butter frosting - from Martha Stewart's website. She's coming out with a cupcake book later this year that I've already pre-ordered from amazon. The few cupcake recipes that I've made from her site have been excellent and consistent...

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