Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Good times - away and home!

As mentioned, I spent last week at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Kittery, Maine. It was my first trip up to this part of the country, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I always had heard how beautiful the area was - so I was looking forward to the trip for work. We had amazing weather here just before I left and both Joe and I spent much of the prior weekend doing all sorts of outdoor things - Joe was continuing to clear the property and I did a whole lot of exterior painting. First accomplishment - matching the existing exterior paint when we had no clue what the original brand or shade was! We came close on the samples, but I was just stunned at how perfectly it matched! Score!

So, yeah, it was about 70 degrees here and I was able to take Sabot swimming for the first time in about 6 months. I was reflecting on the few things I'll miss about being out here in Shelton - and right at the top of that list is being able to walk Sabot off leash each and every day for as long as we're willing to walk him - and that includes taking him swimming as desired. I think he'll miss it too - but since he's slowing down a little now, it's not going to be as hard (I hope). We also discovered the whole Clear Creek Trail system there in Kitsap County - which looks like it'll be fantastic for after work walks.

Anyway - PNSY was wonderful. The area was fantastic - I love going to all these old towns and seeing all the history. The kicker? It was raining when I arrived in Boston and for the first couple of days. Since I spent the entirety of those days in meetings, it wasn't quite as bad, but still made for a rather boring after work time since it was grey and very....Seattle. The seafood was killer there - I had crab, sole, lobster stuffing, scallops and steamers in my few days. Mmmmm.....excellent stuff.

I got out a little early on my last work day, so decided to drive around a little and find some random places on the Atlantic Ocean. I ended up at York, Maine and found this cool dog beach and cliff walk. I figured I had to take a couple of photos there!

My goal for the trip (other than contributing to the meetings I was attending) was to bring back some live Maine lobsters so we could have a good dinner with our friends who were helping us clear the land. Personally, I thought it was a little strange to ask for something that is living to be packed as checked luggage, but the guys at the store didn't blink an eye. So, I checked my lobsters and headed home. I was thrilled to find them still alive when we went to cook them Saturday night and was reminded of having lobsters in Connecticut a long time ago with my folks, aunt, uncle and cousins and having them crawl around the floors (the lobsters - not my family). Our lobsters in Shelton neither crawled or screamed - and I thought that was a plus.

However, they were delicious.

The weekend came and went and we spent Easter with our friends Dave and Bernadet down in Olympia. Their kitchen was just redone and the difference a few walls make was WONDERFUL! Holy cow - what a difference.

Yesterday evening, Joe and I noticed that it was snowing outside.

What the what?

In april?

It must have been a fooler, because it was all melted by this AM. Whew!

The rest of this week will be exciting - Joe has arranged for a guy to come buck and limb the trees that have been felled at the property, stumps will be pulled and fires will be lit on Friday night. Excellent - after this, I think that the building will start quickly and we'll be putting photos up pretty regurlarly.

work has settled down for me a little this week - it feels like I'm getting less random crap and fewer shittly little jobs (SLJ's as I learned) so I've made some headway on what I've wanted to work on all year. It feels like I'm making progress. I've also been able to get in a groove and finally go out to lunch with friends I've missed talking to - which is a huge relief to reconnect. :-) All the stuff that I'm really excited about at work involved my collateral duties - which is good, but it's not what I'm rated on. Hopefully come NSPS ratings time - I'll be able to figure out how to effectively integrate everything in my eval. Bleh.

On Saturday I'll be headed to the SWE Region J Conference at University of Washington - I'll be working the career fair with two other women from work. Should be cool - I'm still bummed out I didn't go to the National conference last year, but I suppose it was all for the best.

Here's to a lovely week!
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