Saturday, May 02, 2009

The end to a long week.

It's been quite the week this week. The septic thing didn't go nearly as well as hoped - the initial soil tests were not great, and the design company erred on the side of caution and designed an aerobic system for us. Nice - those type of systems cost LOTS more than pressure septic systems do. Fortunately, I called the company back to indicate we were getting a second opinion and please hold onto my health dept check and they said that they'd go back out to the property and take a second look. Boy - thanks.

The water agreement was SIMPLE - in fact, they take credit cards for the binding water letter and activation - so we got miles in addition to water. The county / PUD have been helpful every time we've called. Now we just have to get this septic design going to apply for the building permits.

I'm going to Wisconsin on Monday to visit family. My grandma has a severe heart attack, so I'm heading there for...well, me, really. It's been too long since I've been out there - I thought it was 2007 and was paging through scrapbooks last night and realized that it was 2006. Sigh.

I made some KILLER chicken tonight - it's very very close to "as good as" beer can chicken - here's the linky: Grilled Yogurt Chicken with Tumeric Sweet Potatoes

I spent the week in a Value Stream Analysis for the submarine community. It was a good week (way better than sitting at my lovely desk and dealing with lots of shitty little jobs) and, as a result - I've realized that I will be gone for 3 WEEKS in June. So much for my long, leisurely summer at home. Two of the weeks will be in Norfolk (should be lovely and HOT) and one week in Indy for school. This is my first masters class and it's a doozy - Econ. So, I need to get my brain going with the math skills again and limber it up. Lots of homework prior to the class - excellent.

Random Likes

1. Warm sunny days
2. Getting out of work a little early on said days
3. Driving with the windows down and the radio up
4. Getting the syllabus for my first MPA class in June - Economics!
5. Sleeping with only a light blanket
6. Finding good friends on various intenet networking sites
7. Indian food
8. Kaiten sushi
9. Meeting new people at work
10. Jon Stewart (actually - that's a (heart)!)
11. Rainy days

Random Dislikes

1. My eyes bugging me 2 hours after cutting an onion
2. Jerks at work
3. Construction loans for 80% of the appraisal value
4. Pollen all over the front porch
5. Furballs all over the house
6. Vendors who call Joe vice me - even though I was the one who contacted them

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