Saturday, May 16, 2009


Well, the building permits don't sum up EVERYTHING we've been up to lately! Seems like it's a lot of what we're thinking about now though.

But - I did get the last ticket booked for our fall vacation. I had been waiting patiently (not really) for prices to come down on flights from Budapest to Prague and they finally did last week. I couldn't see paying $250 per ticket for a one hour flight, but could definitely see paying $106 per ticket! Woot woot for me. Now all we have to do is go on vacation. There was an excellent "Passport to Europe" (Samantha Brown hosts the show) for Prague earlier this week and in the episode was this little strudel bakery our in a residential section that had AMAZING looking apple strudel - for only about a buck it looked like you got a 6-8 inch long piece of strudel. Mmmmm....I will be practicing my czech for sure - "Hello - I would like two strudels, please!"

I checked out the book "Baked" from the library and am in love with it - the baked goods look excellent and the recipes are killer! This one is a "must buy" for me!

I went to see a chiropractor for the first time this week. My ultimate goal is to get prescribed massages to help with some minor back / neck pain and self-diagnosed migranes that have persisted for years. But - the cracking can help with this as well, so I'm interested to see how more natural treatment works.

I attempted going to yoga classes here in Shelton this past week. After going with my Aunt Chris to a wonderful yoga class in Eau Claire - I really want to start doing this regurlarly here. And, I don't want to commit to a weekly class because of my travel schedule. So, I found a place here in shelton that supposedly had a good selection of yoga classes. I called the number and it was just a weird phone call. The lady wanted to know how I had the number (um, the internet page you paid for?) and she stated that she only had 15 regular students and this was not enough for her to maintain the costs for the storefront (understandable). So, she would be starting "VIP" classes in the future only for people who wanted to get into the spirituality, lifestyle, etc. There would be no pilates (which is fine with me) - but it was just weird - plus she indicated that it would cost more since it was more - I don't know - specialized. Just weird.

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