Saturday, May 16, 2009

Relaxing at home!

It's a wonderful weekend at home. Joe and I ran errands today up in Tacoma - we went to REI so I could pick up this dress, went to the Sears outlet to start looking at kitchen appliances, Engine House 9 to relive some of our days in Fircrest and have lunch, trader joe's to stock up on cheap wine, a friends house to drop off some stuff and then that turned into a very nice afternoon on their deck next to the lake. Absolutely wonderful day here - I'm thinking that tomorrow is supposed to be just as good.

Since getting back from Wisconsin last week, it's been rather chaotic. Joe and I had one goal - get the paperwork for building permits completed. Before any of this - I want to say that everyone in Kitsap County that we've dealt with so far has been wonderful, patient and very very helpful! :-) I went to the Kitsap County Community Development office in Port Orchard on Wednesday asking to file and they indicated that I needed something from the Health Department stating that the septic design was approved. And - the health department is back over in Bremerton, where I came from. Ok - so I went there with the binding water letter from the PUD so we could get that completed and I could go back to file the permits. BUT - it was not that quick since they could not give me the forms right back - someone who was on lunch needed to process the paperwork and I could either wait an hour (which would put me over in PO around 2:30 to start the building permits) or pick them up tomorrow. Since the person didn't get why I didn't want to just hop back into the SY and then out to pick the approved septic design. I opted for the next day.

I picked up the design without a hitch on Thursday and then was going to Community Development on Friday afternoon, since that was when my schedule was free (and since I have a fair amount of must leave - I'm doing most of the daytime running around). I left work after a meeting filled AM and ran out to Port Orchard only to discover that they're closed each friday for cost saving measures. Yes - I'm totally the dumb one for not looking - but I was still frustrated. The longer it takes us to get this filed, the longer it'll be till we get the foundation poured. Garh. So, I actually have some free time on my calendar Monday - so I get to do this all over again.

My summer is starting to fill up with travel again, potentially, which will make the house construction stuff all the more fun and insane. In addition to my NNSY trip in June, my Indy trips in June and September, there is the possibiliy of two trips in July (maybe San Diego, if I'm lucky for one of them and then maybe Orlando for the other). plan of being home more this year isn't panning out quite so much!

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